Animals Who Forgot
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Animals Who Forgot - Children's Book Series

The main character in each book experiences a loss of something that is an integral part of themselves. In the end they grow and regain their ability and memory by focusing on something outside of themselves and sometimes with the help of a best friend or something a little magical. In general, these stories have basic themes of becoming whole, doing the right thing, and being kind to others.

Helen Arceneaux
About Helen Arceneaux
Helen is a retired web developer. She designed internal department websites for major corporations in the telecom industry in Dallas, Texas. Before that she owned a desktop publishing company providing layout and design in the print world for ten years. Helen and her husband are retired but still provide websites for groups involved in their dancing hobby. She has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biblical Studies from Dallas Bible College.

Helen enjoys writing and designing children's books, and she hopes your family will enjoy the Animals Who Forgot stories. She has five grown children and eleven grandchildren.

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